Whoop(s)ie! This blog needs a new name!

My quest to start a whoopie pie stand of my very own in a Chicago farmers market.


3/26/12 – Native Foods Cafe‘s Mint Chocolate Whoopie Pie in Chicago

2/21/12 – Sweet Mandy B’s Whoopie Pies in Chicago

1/19/12 – Slurping Turtle in Chicago

11/28/11 – Pierrot Gourmet at The Peninsula in Chicago

11/15/11 – Sweet Spot Macarons in Chicago

11/7/11 – Normandie Country Bakery Stand in the LA Farmer’s Market

11/3/11 – Vanilla Bake Shop in LA

11/1/11 – Alliance Bakery & Cafe in Chicago

10/12/11 – Mad Mac NYC

10/3/11 – Delightful Pastries in Chicago

9/30/11 – Bennison’s Bakery in Evanston, IL

9/21/11 – Fritz Pastry in Chicago

9/14/11 – Bittersweet Pastry Shop in Chicago

9/5/11 – Vanille Patisserie in the Chicago French Market

And, an introduction


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