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My quest to start a whoopie pie stand of my very own in a Chicago farmers market.

A Spot of Tea at Cafe des Architectes in Chicago

A quick post just in time for Mother’s Day, and it’s even vaguely macaron-related! Getting back to my roots.

I recently took my mom out for a proper English afternoon of tea at Cafe des Architectes. Well, that’s probably not accurate. It was more likely a proper contemporary afternoon of tea as Cafe des Architectes has that clean-lined, modern look to it. It’s also French. But I’m sure it is rooted in strong English tradition nonetheless.

First they give you an assortment of jams and honey along with this little caldron of tiny scones that we could not stop eating. They were crunchy, crumbly, delicious.

Then you pick which kind of tea you'd like out of 8 little pots of tea leaves. I chose Pomegranate Oolong. Highly recommended if you like fruity teas.

This neat timer system tells you when to stop steeping your tea - from light to medium to strong.

Here's the lady of honor herself peeking out from behind our totally impressive tower of tea sandwiches and pastries. Pictured here are cucumber sandwiches, prosciutto sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches, raspberry puffs, opera cake, and peppercorn shortbread.

A parmesan gougere - like a petite savory cream puff.


Raspberry puffs


And here are les macarons! Violet, if I remember right. Nothing fantastic, but that's fine since everything else was.

She loved it (as did I), and if your mom would go for this kind of thing, I highly highly recommend it as a Mother’s Day treat. Skip the $125/person buffets (who needs that much food anyway?), and take her out to a (maybe) slightly less crowded afternoon of tea. As a matter of fact, this was such a success, I’m taking my mom out for tea again on Mother’s Day. This time we’re going to try The Drake though. Nothing like going back in time after a little foray into the contemporary. The Drake has a few special additions to their tea on Mom’s Day: a fashion show and mini-makeovers by Mario Tricocci. I’ll report back to compare.


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