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My quest to start a whoopie pie stand of my very own in a Chicago farmers market.

Whoopie! A Review! Native Foods Cafe

About a week ago, my iPhone informed me it needed an update. Being the responsible iPhone owner that I am (barring those dozen times I’ve dropped it and the $4 I spent on a plastic “protective” case), I hit the OK button after only one initial tap to the Remind Me Later button the night before. It acted like it was turning itself off, so I walked away from it, content to give it a few moments of private reinvention. When I returned, it displayed a distressing picture: the head of a USB cable pointing at an arrow pointing at the iTunes icon.

I knew deep down that this was not going to end well, and after multiple attempts to connect to iTunes and a trip to the Genius Bar, my foreboding gut feeling was proved correct. My iPhone had inexplicably wiped itself clean and the Apple Genius happily gave me a brand new one, and though I had thought I had been connected to The Cloud, he also happily informed me that there was diddly squat in my Cloud.

But then over the next few days, my new phone slowly started to repopulate itself like an amnesiac regaining her sense of self. Suddenly all of my contacts were there. Then my calendar was back and most recently, the most exciting of these recoveries: about 90 of the 800 or so pictures I thought I had lost forever just appeared.

Which is the long way of telling you I can now post a review of a special vegan whoopie pie that Native Foods Cafe made a few weeks ago because I now have the picture of them back!


Ta Da! Here they are!

Native Foods does an entirely vegan menu so well that it’s one of a handful of eateries my boyfriend and I have frequented more than twice since moving to Chicago last July. Neither of us is vegan. It’s really that good. They often offer a special dessert, so when I got an email advertising a chocolate mint whoopie pie, I made a date.

These were just as dense as they look, but it didn’t bother me too much until I got to the end of my pie. Why? Well, the cakes were so dense and the filling so light that they had this unfortunate problem:



So by the end of it, almost all of my filling was gone, and the dense, dry cakes soaked up every bit of moisture left in my mouth. Dryness is my boyfriend’s biggest complaint when it comes to whoopie pies, so he didn’t even finish his (but I did 🙂 ). I would have liked the mint filling to have been a little more minty, but overall I enjoyed these. Would I go out of my way for them? No, but if they’re offered at Native Foods again when I’m there next, I might order one.


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