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‘RoonReview: Slurping Turtle

Well, a month is a long-enough break from blogging, right?  I’m back and slightly fatter better than ever after the holidays!  And not only am I better, but my kitchen is too.  One of my Christmas presents was a counter top convection oven.  Now all I need is a flat baking sheet that fits, and I’m all set to try out some professional-grade macarons.  We’ve already tried out a few frozen pizzas, and it certainly does well by them, so let’s hope some beautiful macaron feet will soon be gracing the pages of this website.

On to more news.  My boyfriend and I recently used Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a good excuse to hit up a hot new ramen restaurant: Slurping Turtle.  We were pretty successful in avoiding the infamously long waits by going around 1pm for lunch.  The ramen did not disappoint.  Neither did the macarons.  Macarons are almost as big in Japan as they are in France, so it wasn’t too surprising to see them on the dessert menu at Slurping Turtle.  Their menu lists six flavors:

Red Bean
Raspberry Wasabi
Caramel Soy

I chose one of each except the Raspberry Wasabi (there was a 5 for $7 deal, and I’m not big on wasabi).  However, I’m pretty sure I was accidentally given a Raspberry instead of a Red Bean.  No matter, the wasabi wasn’t nearly as pronounced as I had feared, but more on that below.  Here they are all packaged up to go (hey, ramen is really filling!):

The flavors from top left (I think): Oba, Chocolate Sesame, Caramel Soy, Raspberry Wasabi, and Yuzu

a glamour shot of the yuzu and oba

The Oba was a subtle surprise – it’s hard to find anything online that explains what oba is, but it seems like it could be perilla or at least related, which is in the mint family.  I thought it was mildly minty and just barely sweet, so that makes sense.  There was also a good amount of filling, which was something a few of the other flavors lacked.

Look at all that filling! Why aren't all macarons like this?

I thought the Yuzu was also pleasant.  It was mild, just barely citrus-flavored, and the cookie itself had a good texture – a decent enough shell with a just slightly soft interior.

raspberry wasabi hiding in shame behind chocolate sesame

I’m almost positive I was actually given a Raspberry Wasabi because the filling had raspberry seeds, but I couldn’t really detect any wasabi flavor.  Patrick noted it “just tastes like bad raspberry,” so I suppose he must have only a vaguely more sensitive palate than me.  The cookie on the RW flavor was not as good as the Oba: disappointingly dry and hollow. You can see how it collapsed in this pic:

Raspberry Wasabi

The Chocolate Sesame was by far my favorite.  I’ve had a sesame flavor before, and was disappointed in what I thought would be an interesting flavor combo.  This time I was pleased.  The sesame was unapologetically bold and really paired well with the chocolate filling.

I saved the least for last: Caramel Soy.  It was a total salt bomb.  Patrick tried it first and I don’t know how he concealed his distaste so well, but it was a total shock to me when I bit into it and felt like I had just taken a shot of soy sauce.  I guess the idea was salted caramel, but it was truly the worst flavor I have ever tried.

Overall, it was nice to try some “unconventional” flavors.  Even though the texture on the cookie was a little off for some flavors, I will definitely get a few of these again when I revisit Slurping Turtle…ok, so I might actually just get 3 Chocolate Sesame and call it a day, but I will be getting them again.


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