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‘RoonReview: Pierrot Gourmet at The Peninsula

I took the macaron taste testing up a notch this past weekend and went to the fancypants (highly technical term) Pierrot Gourmet Cafe at The Peninsula hotel in downtown Chicago.  Or “The Pen” as some cool people call it.  As it turns out, sometimes things are fancypants and priced at $2.25 a macaron for a reason: they’re fantastically made.


Grapefruit! What?


Fancypants display

You might have noticed a bizarrely large white disk standing on end in the above photo.  I (and my testing companions) ate that sweet lunar beauty.  And it was delicious.


Because it was a PB&J macaron!  A giant PB&J macaron.  More on that later.  First we had to find a spot to eat our macarons; the wait to sit and eat at the cafe was 30 minutes plus it was more of a sit-and-eat-a-whole-meal-that-consists-of-foods-other-than-macarons, and I wasn’t there for that kind of thing.  So we walked a few blocks to the Water Tower Place and set our classy, classy coffees down on a cheap, metal table.



One guess what’s lurking beneath that two-tone cardboard quonset hut.


Cranberry macaron

Up first was the cranberry macaron.



The shell of the cranberry was pretty surprising because it wasn’t light and airy, but dense and chewy.  Usually one of my biggest qualms with macarons, but the filling was a nice kind of strong and the shell wasn’t too sweet.  I wouldn’t order this macaron again (although I am usually a cranberry fan), but that’s mostly because it was outshined by several of its compatriots.


Liz and the nutella macaron

Next was probably my favorite: nutella.  Not because I’m a big nutella fan (I wouldn’t even say that…I’m a mild nutella fan), but because there were tiny pieces of crispy caramelized sugar adhered to the shell.  It made for a fantastic crispy/chewy/airy (in that order) textural experience.  Pat (the bf) thought it tasted like a Toblerone and also really enjoyed it.  I suppose I would have to agree, but I would never choose a Toblerone over this macaron.


pistachio macaron


Pistachio Pat

The pistachio was pretty standard in flavor although the shell was lighter than the cranberry, which was nice.  In fact, all of the shells had different textures.  Some were too dense and chewy, others were light and airy, others were dry and too crumbly, others had the perfect crisp outer shell/soft interior.


(From top right) Choco Coconut, Pumpkin, Grapefruit, and Salted Caramel awaiting their fate

Next up: grapefruit.


Where's the grapefruit?

The shell on the grapefruit had a great texture, but there was very little filling, and what little there was tasted only vaguely of grapefruit.  Pat, a staunch grapefruit-hater, thought this made sense because as he said, “Who likes grapefruit?”  Well, I do, and I’d like a little more grapefruit flavor.


The Beloved Salted Caramel

Pat and I both really enjoyed the salted caramel even though the filling wasn’t caramel, but buttercream.  In the past, this disappointed me because I didn’t think you could ever get a true caramel flavor out of buttercream, but apparently you can!  Pierrot Gourmet sure figured out how.

Pumpkin: how is this always the best flavor?


"It IS delicious." (Liz didn't actually say that, but it looks like she would.)

The pumpkin tasted like pumpkin and not just spices!  Although the spices were there too.  It was fantastic.  Not pictured is the choco coconut, which confused Liz because she couldn’t taste the choco (another barely-there filling problem like the grapefruit), although Pat loved it.  To continue on his candy bar kick, he compared it to a Mounds, and what with the coconut-flake-covered shell, I’m inclined to agree again.  Another textural success.

We gave our sugar-filled tummies a break and went back to my apartment.  And then there was…


The PB&J moon



$6 of peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat

It was very architecturally impressive.  It kept on standing even after several bites:

The filling was truly just peanut butter and jelly, but the jelly was only in the very center of the massive shell, so the three of us had to work through some pretty intense peanut-butter-only bites before some PB&J nirvana.  Amazingly, the shell had the perfect texture.  It was totally worth $6.  And just for fun, eating the moon shots:



These macarons are some of the best I’ve ever had.  Right up there with Bennison’s.  Some were even better.  Yep, I said it.


4 comments on “‘RoonReview: Pierrot Gourmet at The Peninsula

  1. Irene
    November 28, 2011

    Those look amaaazing. When I first saw that giant white thing, I was like, “What IS that?” Thanks for the updates, Lindsey. It’s good to know where the best macarons are.

  2. stephaniegal
    December 1, 2011

    You do not look like a person who likes grapefruit in that picture! Hah. I’ve never had a macaron!! Clearly I need to try one.

    • macmaker
      December 2, 2011

      Hey! I love your blog, and also am a big Love Actually fan. My boyfriend and I watch it every year like some people watch White Christmas. For the record, I think the fake caroling/cue card scene is harmless fun, and they both move on separately with their lives…although I could see why you would call them both cheaters as well…but it’s Christmas!

      • stephaniegal
        December 2, 2011

        Wouldn’t it make it sooo awkward later though, when they’re just like hanging out watching football!? Thats all I can think when I watch it. The awkwardness. Hah. Irene is much more forgiving! I love your blog too. Although it always makes me hungry! 🙂

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