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‘RoonReview: Vanilla Bake Shop in LA

Just a short lil’ post about a pair of macs I tried while I was in LA last week. I had just gotten a dozen at a stand in the famous Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax (that review is next) and then stumbled upon this cupcake-centric bakery that also happened to have some macarons.


Since I had just bought a dozen and knew I would be the primary macaron-imbiber, I only got 2 macarons at the bakery.


pistachio and mocha


Unfortunately it became pretty apparent they were just an afterthought to the cupcakes.


womp womp

The filling was just cupcake frosting and the texture was far, far away from a true macaron – cakey, dense. Neither flavor really stood out either with pistachio being the worse of the two due to a complete lack of pistachio flavor. A slew of pics just because I think the series is pretty silly (but don’t let the seemingly enjoyable faces fool you)…








Oh, and for the cupcake record, not bad. Here’s the bf with his pumpkin cupcake:




One comment on “‘RoonReview: Vanilla Bake Shop in LA

  1. arbine
    November 4, 2011

    Thanks for the like! It’s too bad the pistachio didn’t taste very good. I love almost anything pistachio flavored. Have a great day!

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