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‘RoonReview: Fritz Pastry

My mom accompanied me and the boyfriend to a macaron tasting this time.  We had just eaten brunch at Yolk (delicious pancakes and granola waffle; not so delicious multigrain pancakes), and Fritz Pastry was a short drive away.  The cafe itself is adorable and has a young, college-town sort of vibe.

Their macarons are the first things you see when you get up to the counter, and hoboy, it would be hard to miss these macarons.

monster macarons

They’re gigantic.  As far as macarons go, at least.  You actually get a pretty good deal: they’re only 75 cents each.  Here’s Pat holding one to give you some perspective:

and here’s me using two hands!:

You didn’t really need to use two hands because of their abnormal size, but the shells were almost entirely hollow (underbaking, perhaps?), so when you bit into them you really needed both hands to catch the 39 pieces the macaron broke into. So the outer shell was nice and crispy, but that’s all there was to the shell.  There was no soft or chewy inside, it was just cracklecracklecrackle all over the table/your clothes.  There was also no flavor to the shells beyond the neutral, sweet hint-of-almond flavor.  I don’t think even one of the shells was flavored.  This would make sense to me if they had some complexly- or powerfully-flavored filling or if they had a lot of filling, but these had some of the smallest amount of perfectly average filling I’ve ever seen.

The colors were nice though!

Front row: raspberry, vanilla; 2nd row: orange, pistachio, chocolate; 3rd row: 2 Reese's

Vanilla was my mom’s favorite flavor only because it was the one you could taste the most, which isn’t really saying much.  The orange tasted like something artificially orange-flavored, not really anything like fresh oranges.  When pressed, Pat said his favorite was: “peanut butter?”  You’ll notice that’s not even a flavor in the above picture.  That’s because the “Reese’s” flavor just tasted like peanut butter.  Zero chocolate flavor.  Mom was a little disappointed with it but put on a happy face:

can you tell we like scarves?

a better look at the (disappointing) Reese's

I’m dying to find out how they got the shells so big.  Incredibly high heat?  Fancy convection oven?? Baking soda???  The bizarre thing is that the macarons in the pictures on their facebook page don’t look anything like the ones in the store; they look like regular ol’ macarons.  Maybe they had an off day?  I’m willing to give Fritz another chance just because they supposedly have a delicious vegan doughnut, and it is a pretty chill place to hang on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  I just have to get through all of the rest of Chicago’s macarons first.


5 comments on “‘RoonReview: Fritz Pastry

  1. canyon cottage
    September 26, 2011

    Thanks for your comment! I am going for 30 right now. Cookies look delish! How many points 🙂

    • macmaker
      September 27, 2011

      Good question! But one I can’t answer yet, unfortunately. One of the few drawbacks of WW is that you still have to pay for an eTools subscription after you hit Lifetime, and I gave mine up a few months ago so I can’t use the Recipe Builder to figure out the points. I really miss it though, so I think I’m going to sign up again soon, and I will definitely start posting points when I do. I’ve been guesstimating about 2 PP per macaron, and depending on size and filling I think 3 PP for 2 macarons is sometimes accurate.

  2. rumpydog
    October 3, 2011

    a flavorless macaroon? What a disappointment.

    • macmaker
      October 4, 2011

      Yes! Can you imagine a bigger disappointment?! ; )

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