Whoop(s)ie! This blog needs a new name!

My quest to start a whoopie pie stand of my very own in a Chicago farmers market.

Macsperiment #3

I had high hopes for this radical recipe, but unfortunately I let my excitement cloud my judgment.  Before using that recipe, the author recommends several things, among them “knowing your oven.”  That is, figuring out how hot it actually gets versus how hot you tell it to get and observing the differences in heat relative to different rack positions.  Did I do either of those things before jumping fresh-egg-whites first into the recipe though?  No.  So should I have been surprised when the great majority of my pretty little pink macarons came out like this?

No.  But I still was.

“Woe!” I cried.

Crunch, was my boyfriend’s reply.  “They’re different…” said he.

Yes, so on top of baking them in unknown temperatures on a rack with uneven heat distribution, I may have also baked them too long…or maybe all of those things just go hand-in-hand…and ended up with cracked, crunchy macaron shells.  Well, mostly cracked, crunchy macaron shells.  I did get a few beauties:

Which were then turned into some truly drool-worthy macarons.

So I went from underbaked in my first two experiments to some kind of overbaked, BUT, when sandwiched together with cinnamon buttercream (to which can I just say: !!!!!) and left to “mature” in the fridge overnight, they went over extreeeeemely well with friends, some of whom had never even tried a macaron.  I have a feeling a few other things could have gone wrong as well to cause the cracking, but I definitely first need to get to know my oven better before I mess with anything else.  I think it was pretty telling that the only good shells I got came from directly in the center of the baking sheet.

As for my hand mixer?  Still beating like a trooper!  In fact my arms got much more fatigued than the mixer, which was really put through its paces for a 12-minute meringue-whipping session followed several hours later by a 10-minute Swiss-buttercream-whipping frenzy.  Oh by the way, have I mentioned Swiss buttercream?



One comment on “Macsperiment #3

  1. Irene
    September 13, 2011

    Those were soooo good. I think they might have been even better than the ones we bought at the bakery. The cinnamon added a nice touch but it wasn’t overpowering. The meringue was light and fluffly. Bravo, Lindsey!

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