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My quest to start a whoopie pie stand of my very own in a Chicago farmers market.

Macsperiment #2

There’s not too much more to say about my second foray into macmaking.  I used exactly the same recipe as the first time, but I set my oven to 250F and baked them for a few minutes longer (first time I did 10 min, this time 12), and I also used the more slippery side of the silpat against manufacturer’s recommendations (gasp!) AND used some baking spray (like Pam, but the brand was Baker’s Joy) on half of the sheet.  I hadn’t seen anything about nonstick spray in any recipes, but since I had so much trouble getting those little suckers off of the silpat the first time, I figured it was worth a try.  I was (maybe loudly) whining about whether or not I should try it with this recipe and my boyfriend intelligently suggested using it on half of the mat.  He said it the same way the kids say it in those silly Old El Paso Taco commercials (¿Por qué no las dos?).  Good thing he did!  Here’s how it came out:

strategically taken so it's hard to see the bad ones

Side note: I apologize for the extremely low quality of these pictures.  When I bought my cute little point-and-shoot last year, my requirements sadly had nothing to do with food blogging and much more to do with its ability to stitch three pictures together into a panoramic, which is actually required surprisingly little.  I just borrowed my Dad’s much higher quality Canon, so expect much better pictures very soon.

Guess which side I used the baking spray on.

Yep, this one:


It kind of looks like the feet were all like, “whoopee!  here we come!” and then lost their “footing” like someone slipping on a banana peel and just went “foomp!”   Luckily they still taste delicious if not for a vague soapy aftertaste which probably comes from the Baker’s Joy…

The other side looked great though:


Except I still had the same problem as the first time with that side, although admittedly a few did come off cleanly.  Luckily by doing some intense internet macaron research, I found this awesome site, and I quote:

“Underbaking will result in dramatically hollow macarons.  The meringue inside an underbaked macaron hasn’t fully set, so when it’s removed from the oven prematurely, the meringue collapses as it cools, leaving a hollow shell behind.”

I e-mailed that to my boyfriend with the subject title “Bingo!” because I am that cool and yes, he cares that much.  That’s why they were so fragile.  They were practically hollow inside.  Now I’m going to try the macaron recipe I also found on that site.  It’s pretty radical: she says the age/temp of egg whites doesn’t matter at all, you don’t need any cream of tartar or dry meringue powder, you don’t have to slowly add the sugar to the egg whites, and you don’t have to wait for the piped macarons to dry before baking.  She’s basically a renegade, but I’ve found other blogs that credit her with failproof macarons, so here’s to hoping!  Looks like my only potential problem could be my poor little hand mixer pooping out on me since the recipe calls for 10 minutes of egg white whipping.  Ruh roh…well I really want a stand mixer anyway.

If nothing else, stay tuned for the fate of my hand mixer!

he's sticking his tongue out at you...bad macaron!


2 comments on “Macsperiment #2

  1. Douglas Washington
    September 10, 2011

    Hi Lindsey, I saw your question on Serious Eats which led me to your blog. I love macarons AND I happen to work for an appliance company located on the other side of Lake Michigan from Chicago. As such, I could get you a deal on either a hand or stand mixer, if you decide to get one sometime. Just drop me a line if you’re interested.

    Best of luck with your endeavor and keep up with the posts on your progress!

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